Wednesday, February 29, 2012

02 - 29 - 12

A day that is somewhat special, I would say. It’s a leap year!! So what’s up? Except for those Mcdo’s expired coupons? Hahaha! Well, I just want to share what I did on Mara’s hair, my very first attempt of doing the fishtail braid!! I AM VERY PROUD OF THIS. :”> I dint know I did well on braiding hairs. I wish I could do that to my hair, but it’s still too short. I can’t braid it. 

Would you like me to braid your hair also?

A new blogger made her way to!

Hi there. Look who has finally joined you lovely bloggers on a leap year? Moi.  And I think it’s a good idea to start a blog with a day that occurs every four years! I guess, this would be a good start! I know I should’ve started earlier. Psh, why dint I started this last month?

I decided to join you guys for two (and I think valid! Kiddin') reasons, first my friend Mara was nagging us (yes, not only me) to sign-up for blogspot because….. Idk. I think she just wants us to explore new things aside from getting our ass stock on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr

Second, we were encouraged by a speaker who is Mr. Neil Antiquina, an HR and trainer on Proctor and Gamble (wasn’t sure about the information) that it is nice to have a blog especially when you are getting or applying for a job already.  I think this is a new thing I should start, rather than sleeping and being an unproductive citizen in this society. I’m really expecting this to be fun (I know this would really be!!). So Hi bloggers!

Be my follower and lets be friends starting this year up to infinity? XD