Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The Picture Says It All" Post # 4

"KEEP CALM AND READ A BOOK, it can bring you farther than what you've expected :)" 
- Cokie C.

Finally, got the chance to lay my fingers again on my lovely blog after almost a month? And I feel like I missed too much for not being that active. Don't worry! I have a good news for all of you! Hopefully, if I could find time to post something over the weekend. Been busy since we just started working on our thesis and I've been working for something. I'm looking forward for it already. :)

Still happy with the thought of being inactive but the numbers of my views are still increasing. 
I'll make it up to you!! You really make my day :) #FLATTERED :)

Anyways, enjoy this childhood song that I am 101% sure you know and you used to enjoy listening. I've been hitting the replay button! Enjoy. :)

Bissous, Cokie x