Monday, April 22, 2013

Gracias, Abril

 Gracias Abril for all the memories. Gone into 3 different places (Bogo/San Remegio, Asturias and Caibiran) within one month. No regrets, it's all worthwhile especially spending it with the love your life. Thanks for making every bit of the trip special, Mi Amor! You're the sweetest!! ♥ 

Four-Five hrs of travel paid off after seeing the beautiful scenery of each place. It's like looking a photo come alive right in front of me. Beaches, forests and landscapes are all it takes to mesmerize these eyes of mine. 


Long boarding, Swimming and Biking. The three things I've been dying to learn, fortunately I learned all of them. :) This is quite a month for me. Now, help me since I become 10x darker than the usual. Shiznit! But, it's still worth it. I'm loving my tan lines. :) :) :) ;) ;)

TAN LINES in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy

This Is What Makes Us Girls

APRIL 2013. It's the time when sun gets hotter, girls go out with lesser clothes and THE FIRST TIME I HAD MY FIRST PORN PHOTO. Should I be proud? ;)

Happy to see that I lose weight within a short period of time. I should continue doing this diet thing.

Still have fatsy belly in my tummy, I. KNOW PERIOD