Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Love, Jah Love!

Jah night, indeed! The Outpost bar is one of the best place to chill here in Cebu. The feeling of being "at home" is the best thing about The OutpostAfter closing for a few months, The Outpost is back with the big bang! Last Saturday, I attended to one of the most memorable history that has happened to The New Outpost! 

I wasn't able to attend to their grand re-opening last December because I was too busy, but as soon as I knew that The Outpost is bringing back Franco in Cebu, I marked my calendar and reserved the day! The last time I knew that Franco visits Cebu is when Urbandub performed to our school, I was first year college way back then. The band didn't create its name yet.

The happy news is 'The Ambassadors' is part of this rare event of The Outpost. It was my first time to see the band performing live! I truly love them since I was in high school! Sadly, The Ambassadors will stop creating new musics due to their own reasons but they will still perform their old songs. :( I thanked Mon Amour for influencing me with their musics! :)

Unfortunately my ass was too lazy to bring my camera with me so I dint have any pictures to capture this hardcore history! :(
Anyway, I grabbed some photos from "The Outpost" twitter so that you guys can picture out what did the event looks like! 

Though Franco is kinda bit oldie, I always find him a hottie! His body is really in a good shape! He's so buff, I'm gonna die!

Franco looks like "Adam Levine" that night. Maybe because of his V-neck.

"It's so nice to be fucking home man!" - Franco Reyes

I knew Franco since I was in first year college but I just knew 3 of their songs which are: The Gathering, Seasons, and Castaway and I don't even memorized all of them. I just know some few lines, but when I saw them performed live.... I became an instant fan! You guys should check their music cos I just downloaded half of their songs! 

P.S: I don't own any of the pictures I posted above. :(
Credits to their owners! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What Difference Does It Make?

Starting the year right and with a big big big big bang! Woah, hello there lovely blog. It's been a long time since the last time I post something. Ooooh, how I miss you and how good it feels to be pressing this keyboard back! :) I know it's kinda late but since the month of love is just starting, let me wrap how my 2012 was and how I'm starting the year. :) 

Over the sem break something heart bursting happened. This little girl fell in love with the same man, twice! Yes, you read that right. He was my first love, way back high school we've been together for 2 years  and after 3 years of being apart, we were back on each others' arms again. It was a rough road for us to take at first but we are both happy now that we surpass every trials we had. My Mon Amour, i love you to bits and pieces. 

Before ending 2012 me and his familia went to Moalboal. It was an overwhelming experience since it was my first time to spend some time to my man's family. It was a fun 2 days and 1 night. Talking ghost stories that turn out to be a funny one. Diving and seeing beautiful corals under the sea, though it was scary thing for me, but the best part of it was the time we spent, I really had a good time!! :)

Celebrated the 2013 with a big boooom! It was a special one since Mon Amour and friends came over to our place and celebrated the New Year with me and my family! That was a full-of-laughter kind of day! I think we just started the year right! :)

Guess who just turned 20-teen this year? Me!! I feel so old but I never gain even an inch of height! Someone help we this problem, I'm too desperate to grow a little bit taller. I'm so tired of being mistaken as a high school student. I don't think it's a good thing anymore! Tihihihihihi.

Anyway, celebrated my 20-teen birthday at Lantaw. The nice ambiance is enough to spend it with my family and friends and have some chit-chatting, because with the hectic schedule we have we really need to catch up! :)

Prititiiiiit!! Viva Pit Senyor, Sto Nino!!!! That was a hella fun Sinulog day with my new friends! Painting each other, unlimited drinks, and non-stop laughter is more than enough to celebrate it. Sinulog is about "the more you get dirty the more you had fun" and I was very, very, very (well, obviously) dirty!! It was a lot more fun since it was the first Sinulog me and Mi Amor spent together. It was both our first time to spent it with each other. That sh*t felt good. Actually, it was a 2 day celebration for me. 

The day before, Mon Amour brought me to a gig called the SRA Anniversary. He attends to it yearly cos he always loves to do the mosh pit thing and ever since I always wanted to try it. Finally I got the chance to witness it live and be a part of it this month. It was a cool and a one of a kind gig!! Even if it involves the possibility of physically getting hurt and hurting someone because of its wild moves, it was still fun since the people there will really helped others who fell down. It was awesome and the people were too awesome to be called awesome!

As we end the Month of January we had our batch Retreat! It was a good thing to be back with God before embracing February. It was also fun in our creepy room with my roomies, talking random topics, visiting our classmates rooms and taking bunches of pictures was all it takes. It was also a rough retreat for me since I cried so hard because most of the videos shown was about "Daddy" stories. I miss my Dad so bad that's why I'm too affected when it comes to "Father and Son" or "Father and Daughter" story and video clips.

I'm not even done with it yet, if I could get the chance to blog all about it, it will end up as a book. Hahahaha! Ending the month with lots and lots of memories to cherish is a great thing to be thankful of. I just realize that I have many people to thanked. Still have to update this one since I still have to post the last thing why my month is happy! I have to go, still have to catch something. Heads up people! It's good to be back!

Bissous, Cokie xx