Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The Picture Says It All" Post # 2

" Stop thinking 'What If's' and fulfill your dreams. Stop thinking 'I can't', and start thinking 'I CAN' with a big smile on your face. Cos no one can encourage yourself more than you do!" - Cokie C.

Just got my ass back in our lovely abode after staying at my best friend's place for 3 days and 3 nights! It was fun! Eating burgers for midnight snacks, laughing so hard til' our tummy aches before lights off and making our own music video of The Lazy Song, Starships and Call Me Maybe. Where I did almost all the weirdest things I could ever do to myself. Hahaha! 

This is one of the best 3days of my summer.  Hopefully next week, we will visit our other friend. I can't wait! Hoping you are doing great during your summer breaks! It's starting raining like cats and dogs, be sure to have fun before our classes officially start! :)

Bissous, Cokie x

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"The Picture Says It All" Post # 1

" No matter how rough life is, just think positive, upbeat, encouraging and happy thoughts. Don't drown yourself with too much problem and stress, because it will surely lead to your downfall. Heads up! :)" - Cokie C.

Good news people, just had our last day of summer class today! That means I would finally be active again on posting new post here! Yey for that. I know I owe you a lot and I really have to catch up, big time. I maybe inactive here but I was always active in twitter! I'm already planning to posts some stuff I just got last week and I'm also working on my DIY's, so please bear with me. *fingerscrossed* I hope you will like it. See you guys around!

Bissous, Cokie x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Turn Me On

Did I ever tell you that I love singing? Well, I really love singing but unfortunately singing doesn’t love me back! I always sing whenever I want to, I do covers but I don’t upload it on youtube or what sites cos I’m sure I’ll be having all those “hater comments” and I also love to sing those songs with high notes. Yeah, I know I'm such a dreamer! I think my friends find it annoying but they still support me (I hope! HAHAHA.) 

So last Sunday ( May 20, 2012) I just sang a song with my cousin’s band. I’m overwhelmed, really overwhelmed. J It was always been my dream to sing and touch people’s life through music but I don’t think my voice can. I have the passion, but my voice won’t cooperate so let’s just accept the fact that I. CAN'T. SING. :(

I wanted to pose like how did Anne Curtis pose for her Annebisyosa album, but I failed. The guitar was too heavy to handle it. Hahaha!

Another thing is I was shocked with the number of visits I got after a week or two. I’m so happy that I almost had 1,200k and the last time I checked it was just 900+. To all the people who visit my blog, this post is for you! You made me happy! *teary eyes* And for that I'll be posting something tomorrow or the next day! Hopefully you will like it.

Bissous, Cokie xx

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Meet this wannabe skater girl? Hahaha. This post made me reminisce the time I joined Mr. and Ms. High school (I swore that was my first and last pageant) before, skating was the sport I chose. As if I know how to skate. Yeah, I know it’s funny. I remember while walking on the stage while bringing that skateboard, I really have to give that I-know-how-to-skate face! Hahaha. 

I’ve been dying to learn how to skate though (aside from learning how to bike, which I just recently learned) way back those childhood memories while I sat down as I watch my brother doing that skate thing. Before I wasn’t able learn it cos I was scared. Now that I’m ready, I don’t have enough time anymore. Poor me. But I won’t give up the dream, if ever I got the chance to learn it,  *insert serious face here* I WILL, serious this time. 

But as of now, enjoy my wannabe moments as a skater girl. I was inspired to post this outfit with those pretty, awesome, and cool skater girls on Tumblr. Wearing crop top, high waist shorts, vans shoes and their long hair (which I don’t have, it would be better if my hair was long) while skateboarding/long boarding. They are one hot sexy beast! Rawr! But, I hope you still appreciate my attempt of being one of them! Hahaha. 

Since I don’t own a skate or long board, I prefer having this piece of wood as a replica for my skate or long board. Please forgive me, since I was attempting to be a skater girl and having a board is necessary. So I end up having this piece of wood and two hollow blocks as my board! I don't have a choice. I hope I still look like a skater girl though. #fingerscrossed. 

I hope I won’t be considered as poser by posting this.  Sorry for being such a dreamer I just want to be one of those hot skater girls in tumblr. Hahaha. That's all for now! :)

Bissous, Cokie x