Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Experience

"Proving to others that you're far better than what they expected is the greatest triumph you can have" - Cokie. C

The best advice I got today! Being stressed from school today since we are required to cover some events on our Intramurals for our Journalism class. We were given a special ID for special seats (I wish they were literally special, but unfortunately it wasn't) that makes me feel like a "REAL" media press. That felt good and it was a great experience as well. :)

Anyhoo, being happy with my 2k views. I dint see that coming! :) A big thanks to you, my astonishing lovely readers/visitors! Guhiguma ta mo! (That's the bisaya for I love you all!) You're making me happy every single day! Thank yooou!! :)

The crowd screams, I scream for Ice Cream cos it was too hot inside the gymnasium

Cokie, xx

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chasing Cars

Bringing back all the childhood memories while riding on this cutie lion (I wish it was a horse, it would've been more cute) carousel. As a 90's kid, the carousel is a big part of my childhood and for sure you can relate to what I'm feeling. Chyeah! :) 
So far, this year and the past few months have been bringing a big BANG in me! I've come up trumps and having the time of my life. Let me share that I've been a part of a mountaineering organization, and I didn't expect that I could complete the whole thing. Proud little girl here, and others are considered to be another rock&roll history that I would forever cherish! :)

I'll be having a long weekend since our intramurals will start this Wednesday, but I can't escape academic stuffs :( I still have to cover some event! 
Hope you're doing great everyone! Heads up. :)