Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chasing Cars

Bringing back all the childhood memories while riding on this cutie lion (I wish it was a horse, it would've been more cute) carousel. As a 90's kid, the carousel is a big part of my childhood and for sure you can relate to what I'm feeling. Chyeah! :) 
So far, this year and the past few months have been bringing a big BANG in me! I've come up trumps and having the time of my life. Let me share that I've been a part of a mountaineering organization, and I didn't expect that I could complete the whole thing. Proud little girl here, and others are considered to be another rock&roll history that I would forever cherish! :)

I'll be having a long weekend since our intramurals will start this Wednesday, but I can't escape academic stuffs :( I still have to cover some event! 
Hope you're doing great everyone! Heads up. :)


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