Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beachin' 101

It's funny how confident I am to show off my body even if it isn't that considerably fit. Yes I am aware of that and I'm still working my ass so hard at it. :)

Nevertheless, SoAn people and I had a fun Island Hopping yesterday to celebrate one of our friends' birthday. As what we expected, we enjoy every bits and pieces of it. 

Big waves and mild storms welcomed us as we took off but God loves us, the rain didn't last too long. It stopped as we reached Pandanon Island. I enjoyed diving with thousand of itsy bitsy jelly fishes and watched those sea urchins and corals underwater. I was a bit scared of how deep it was but heey! I CAN SWIM ALREADY!!! We were all surprise that we almost brought our lazy ass near a resort in Bohol. How far did we get?

A cute jump shot with Mi Amor. This is the thing I love about us, we both enjoy whatever shit we do. 

It's been raining lately, and I'm not even done with my summer getaways yet.

How about you? Are you enjoying your summer? xx

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