Thursday, March 8, 2012

Annebisyosa "No Other Concert" Provincial Tour

Loookie-lookie what's in my hands? A VIP ticket for Anne Curtis'(Annebisyosa) No Other Concert, The Provincial Tour!! I'm really on my extreme happiness right now. Finally, that precious ticket I just saw either Anne's RTs or those cute girl fans (like me) posting it on twitter has finally laid upon my own hands!  I don't care how much money I spent, because I know for sure this would be fun. All worth it!! 

I thought I would just be one of those envious people that wasn't able to go to Araneta, but heeeey I just got mine here!! I’m a happy kid tonight, and I just can’t explain this feeling!! Can’t wait for March 23, the day I’ve been waiting for. A Friday night that would surely be the one of the most memorable memory for my 2012. :)

Well for now, before I post those lovely picture of her concert, enjoy our (with Chenee) camwhoring moments at the Waterfront and as we take pictures of ourselves and those lovely tickets at Leona's!!

You know that cutie patootie  grin smile? Such a Happy kids! Just got our tix!! :D

I love Leona's!!!! 

March 23, can you come a lil' bit faster? :)

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