Thursday, March 22, 2012

I catch my breath

This is it. The moment of truth! The day I’ve been waiting for! This would be the Friday that I’ve been looking forward to. This would be the most memorable Friday of my life. 01:00 on my watch, 7hrs to go and finally I'll be seeing Anne Curtis-Smith. And I just can’t help myself for being so excited about it. I just prepare all the stuffs I’ll bring to her concert last night. 

CD, tickets and my outfit which Ate Leaf (the most supportive sister ever) sent me just for this night. The night of my life! Since I’ve been so excited with her concert, I’ve been bombarded Anne Curtis a lot of tweets. Unfortunately, these past few days she doesn’t reply any tweets, cos I guess she was busy. But today, 3/23/12, she just not RT my tweet but she replied!! *faints* *faints*

"Yey! Someone to scream with me when im nervous! Promise yan ha!" - Anne Curtis-Smith
This is the most wonderful reply eveeeeeeeeer!!!! :D

Now who's excited for Annebisyosa concert tonight aside from me? 

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