Saturday, March 24, 2012

Annebisyosya in Cebu!

I know this is really a late post, but forgive me for being so busy! So far, I consider this as the best experience! What can I say? Being a part and seeing the person I greatly admired in making her dreams come true is truly a great feeling of all. 

Nothing beats the happiness I'm feeling while I'm on her concert and while screaming, cheering and singing along with her! Priceless moment! Anyway, let me share with you bits of Anne Curtis-Smith "Annebisyosa" No Other Concert in Cebubu! 

But before anything else let me share to you the very famous CAMWHORING MOMENTS with Faith and Chenee before the concert started!

You know that happy smiles while waiting for Anne Curtis? 

An OA shot of Faith Ytang!

The "What's in my bag" shot

Just want to put this pic, I find my skin nice. Hahaha. 

 So here are some bits of Anne Curtis NO OTHER CONCERT!!!
*Drum rolls*

This is it! This is really really is it is it!!

                    The very first moment I laid my eyes on Anne Curtis.

I really laugh when she said " Uy, Napuno ko ang Waterfront. *Teary eyes* Ayoko umiyak kasi papangit ang voice ko.. Well, pangit naman talaga siya pero hindi naman yun ung pinunta niyo dito diba?" She's so cute!! 

 When Anne Curtis is walking going on the right side of the stage, we put our hands in the air and screams......

And she looks at us, not only once, twice but 7 times! Best moment!! 

And one of her special guest is Luis Manzano!

I'm sexy and I know it! 
(I don't own that, credits to the owner of this picture!)

Thanks for the spotlight and to our energy, Luis gets down from the stage and kiss Faith! LUCKY girl!

 Anne Curtis singing her very famous song "Alone"

Singing upside down? No one beats Anne Curtis! (Credits to the owner)

For her second to the last song, A duet of "I don't wanna miss a thing" with his other guest, Mark Bautista 

For her last song, she sang Someone Like You. (Credits to the owner)

 After thanking everyone, she took a picture of her audience!

 And say hello to my photography! Gorgeous!

Hooray for a very successful concert!! I wish you still have part 2!!!!

After the concert, went to The Port to grab our dinner! The rest of our friends were waiting there already! 

Thanks for the treat Mara and to Rodd for the shoot! Welcome back Rosie!! Hello Faith, Chenee and Juvi! 

Did you enjoy The Annebisyosa No Other Concert? :)

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