Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hi! My name is Cokie and I love the beach.

My first destination for this summer was on our province. Men, it's been forever since the last time I went there, and I even forgot the last time I was there. I didn't have a problem going there. I didn't disgorge (I have motion sickness or kinetics or also known as travel sickness), maybe I was too excited seeing my relatives, childhood friends and the sea. 

I didn't have internet connection while I was there so I wasn't able to post cute pictures for you guys. And since I'm too lazy to post it one by one, I've decided to just wrap it all in one post. Sorry for being so lazy! PS: This would be a loong one. Tihihihihihihi.

Day 1:

Waiting for the bus in South Bus Terminal.

Since it's kinda boring, I look around the area and saw this sign.

And I secretly laugh upon seeing this man. Haay, Pinoy! Hahaha.

Travelling for 4 hours is worth it after seeing this! I love the beach!

Roaming in our old house and saw this old bicycle! One happy kid here! I can finally practice how to ride a bike.

With no buts and ifs, I brought it outside with Daday and practice how to ride the bike. I get hyper, as you can see in the picture! 

Day 2:

My first morning. Isn't it beautiful to wake up to fresh air and relaxing view outside? I love it!

I did biking first thing in the morning with these cutie patootie kids! They are my teachers! These kids are teaching this teenager here? Embarrassing! Hahaha.

After 30 mins.. *drum roll* I KNOW HOW TO BIKE. Happy kid here! Hihihi.

After that happy moment of mine, as a reward for the kids I joined them as they go swimming! Too bad I don't know to swim. For now, I don't have plans in learning it, I'm scared. 

After diving into the sea, I feel taking pictures of myself. Sorry for being so vain, I was bored! 

Watching Dad is playing with waves! I just love being around him.

I am calling it a day! Hihihi. Here is my bed that my very lovable Daddy prepared for me. I will always love to sleep with a mosquitero, I feel safe. Hahaha.

Day 3:

It's Jomel (but I call him Koyokot) graduation! He got many awards! I'm proud of my Koyokot!

 I decided to rest and just sit on the seashore, you know why? I can't move that much cos of the pain in my butt and legs for too much biking. 

Day 4:

It's Louie's graduation! Congrats Pamangkin! Me is so proud of you!

With my favorite Tita in the world love, Mama Neneng.

A vain picture again! Sorry!

Alvin (my cousin) brought me in Antipolo.  They have an awesome beach, I would say.

We are vain! I know! 

Day 5:
A dramatic (is it really a dramatic?) picture of myself with the sea early in the morning!

Daday is so cute while playing with the water!

Hello, Ako Kokey! Hahaha.

Day 6:

 These cutie patooties are so adorable!! 

A pikachu with Daddy! Hihihihihi

Hi Baby P.U, you mad? Hahaha.

I want to stay a lil' bit longer, but I still have summer class. Can't wait for sem break. I should get my ass back there! 

So how's your summer so far?

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