Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunkissed skin so hot!

I just got my ass back in Cebu-bu from the beautiful place called Bantayan Island! I, together with my friends went there for holy week, it's my first time to spend it with friends, and it was a great one! I suggest to bring your cute ass there too, it is a truly lovely place. A perfect place to relax and forget the busy streets of the city! So here is some of my vain shots of that wonderful place, Bantayan! 

While we're on Sugar Beach last Saturday (which is Black Saturday), it's raining like cats and dogs! Tents were almost blown by the wind. But that doesn't stop the people in singing, drinking, and soaking their selves into the clear and blue water. Good thing it didn't last too long.

If you are wondering why I'm not wearing those two-piece or any swim wear outfits that is for the reason that I am not comfortable wearing any of those. And for this body I have? Men, better keep it! Hahaha. Seriously, I'm not confident to show too much skin in public. 

In my own perception, being sexy won't base on the skin you show, it is when you wear a plain shirt and a short and still look amazing and damn sexy! *insert cutie smile here* I was fond of walking in those white sands and clear water. I was really thinking I should get back here for sure! Hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Holy Week! 

Bissous, Cokie xx

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