Monday, May 21, 2012

Turn Me On

Did I ever tell you that I love singing? Well, I really love singing but unfortunately singing doesn’t love me back! I always sing whenever I want to, I do covers but I don’t upload it on youtube or what sites cos I’m sure I’ll be having all those “hater comments” and I also love to sing those songs with high notes. Yeah, I know I'm such a dreamer! I think my friends find it annoying but they still support me (I hope! HAHAHA.) 

So last Sunday ( May 20, 2012) I just sang a song with my cousin’s band. I’m overwhelmed, really overwhelmed. J It was always been my dream to sing and touch people’s life through music but I don’t think my voice can. I have the passion, but my voice won’t cooperate so let’s just accept the fact that I. CAN'T. SING. :(

I wanted to pose like how did Anne Curtis pose for her Annebisyosa album, but I failed. The guitar was too heavy to handle it. Hahaha!

Another thing is I was shocked with the number of visits I got after a week or two. I’m so happy that I almost had 1,200k and the last time I checked it was just 900+. To all the people who visit my blog, this post is for you! You made me happy! *teary eyes* And for that I'll be posting something tomorrow or the next day! Hopefully you will like it.

Bissous, Cokie xx


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    1. Thank you Jan! That's so sweet of you! :)

  2. cute!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Awww! You love singing! Same here I love singing too but I'm only a singer banyo queen hahahaha! And that's good you have a lot of views. Keep it coming :-) You have a new follower ♡ xx Forever Nineteen PS I have an ongoing giveaway you might wana try ur luck!