Friday, June 8, 2012

"The Picture Says It All" Post # 3

"Don't try to be someone just to make people like you. Stand on your own. Show them the real you. If they would love you then keep them, if they don't let them go. Real people don't judge you, they accept you for who you are!" - Cokie C.

Classes is fast approaching (but lower levels are already starting their class) and me is not yet ready! Last Wednesday I went to school to enroll myself and still can't believe that I'm already a 4th year student this year! Despite of my year level, most people I just met always thought that I was 14 or 16 yrs old. That sounds so funny, and I take that  as a compliment! :)

 Anyways, should I say goodbye Summer 2012? I haven't indulged myself with summer days yet. I want an extension!! Kiddin'. I'm still looking forward to last minute summer bonds with friends, hopefully! And I dint know that Watching The Parent Trap would be part of my Sleepless Summer Nights! 

I just watched it, and it's already 05:12 am in my watch! Hi Insomnia!! :) I'm already getting ready for my thesis which I'll be starting this year. Wish me luck! I hope you enjoyed your Summer just like me! :)

Bissous, Cokie x

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  1. Senior years are great! I'm so excited for you!